Lockdown 3.0, what I'm up to

So here we are again! Lockdown number 3!

2020 has been so difficult for us all and especially our industry, it looks like 2021 aint going to start much different!

Its took me almost a whole month to get my head around seems like each time we are placed into a national lockdown it gets a little harder, but I'm finally starting to get into the swing of it.

At the moment all face to face courses are postponed and I have already been in touch with all of the students who were due to train with me.

My students who were due to complete case studies have been given a extension on this so that means extra time to practice on a mannequin or someone in their bubble :)

So what does m average lockdown day look like?

I have kept myself busy by going for a daily walk with my mam (my bubble) some days we have gotten so carried away, we've ended up doing 10 miles! I really enjoy being outside so this is something I'm going to try and keep up when lockdown lifts.

Ive also cooked quite a lot, Ive been finding new recipes online to try and have been a lot more adventurous than usual. Ive also turned my hand to DIY, which hasn't always turned out great!

I have been keeping in touch with my students and offering as much support as possible. My students are given my personal mobile number so I am always on hand to help them with anything. If I'm awake I will reply as soon as I see the message, I pride myself on my on going support! I also try to post helpful tips on social media and in our private student group. You can follow me here:

I am working on perfecting our website each day, so that the booking process and information can be found easily. Tonight I am going to add some training dates for March/ April in the hope we will be allowed to re open by then.

Our brand new courses and kits are ready to go, I am in love with our branding, the new manuals look amazing! I have been in the academy cleaning and decorating, so as soon as we have the go ahead from Boris I will be ready to welcome you back. Covid-19 hasn't stopped my plans, I have big things ready to come :)

In the mean time, please stay safe and follow the guidelines. I hope you have enjoyed this little blog post, the next post will be something a little more educational!

Ashley xx

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